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In the world of aircraft maintenance, Daytona Aircraft Services provides a wide range of repair services and takes pride in doing the best possible work for our customers. However, in reading an article in the December issue of AOPA Pilot, it was highlighted that when requesting maintenance the words you use are important.

“These four words—new, rebuilt, overhauled, and repaired—are terms that have distinct, specific meanings in the context of aircraft maintenance. Those meanings are defined in the federal aviation regulations. It’s crucial for owners to understand precisely what they mean and how they differ.”

Just as pilots are held to regulations, maintenance professionals have to adhere to policies as well. These regulations read differently depending on the specific words chosen to describe the work completed. A good example was used in this article: “When an owner asks a mechanic to overhaul something instead of repair it, he ties the mechanic’s hands. The mechanic can no longer use discretion as to which parts are worn out and need to be replaced, and which parts look fine and can be retained.”  To read more on just how important language is when speaking with your maintenance professionals and exactly how it may be able to save the impact on your wallet, click on the following link: AOPA Pilot: Savvy Maintenance.

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